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Man's Best Friend

I jump and roll around in excitement as I see my friends pull up,

I run over to the door out of breath as they feed me more.

I join my friends on the couch to watch football where we hear a knock on the door,

excited, I run over wagging my tail.

My friend opens the door and I run out to smell the fresh air,

to enjoy the crickers chirping, I run down the road after them.

I bark at every moving object as I realize I don't know my way home,

cars driving by splash me with dirty water and I have a hard time getting it out of my eyes.

I roll around in the mud to calm myself down when I hear my friend yell my name,

I run in relief and get the door slammed in my face. I feel betrayed and sleep on the porch.

My friend wakes me up by spraying me down with a hose, this is out favorite pass time for when I get dirty. I bark at the water and wash the dirt come soak around my paws. Humans really are man's best friend, no matter what.

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