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OCD and the Figure

They tell me it's always my OCD

No one is out the window

Hugging me, to calm me down

On a loop, everyday,

Until my obsession becomes my reality.

A dark figure

Staring back at me,

Forming a shadow on my wall.

I pinch myself

And again

Once more?

Waiting for this to be another obsession

With no one home to comfort my mindset.

I take my pills, for my OCD

Blink fast

Close my eyes

And open them, ever so slowly

The figure is gone.

I laugh realising that I must have been acting silly

A new day is in the horizon,

But my boyfriend has yet go return.

I gulp as panic races throughout my body

I must be acting silly,

I take some of my OCD medication

I turn on the news and pass the time

A ring

Echoing throughout the house,

Blinded by police lights.

"How long was I out?"

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